Condensation Avoidance to humidity control solutions

Condensation occurs when the surface temperature of the cooling coils is lower than the indoor air dew point temperature which results in water dripping into the occupied zone. To avoid condensation, the dew point of the air in the space must remain above the off coil temperature of ABM. This demands that either the primary air must be dried to a relatively low humidity, or secondary chilled water supply be regulated when the indoor dew point temperature is high. To avoid condensation and make the system operate more efficiently:

  • An energy efficient Liquid Desiccant Dehumidification System (LDDS) (patent filed) to connect in series with the primary air AHU, reducing the water content of primary air as low as 3g/kg of air so that a precise indoor humidity control can be realized.
  • A condensation avoidance and temperature control scheme for multi-zone ABM system (patent filed). With the patented technology, the risk of condensation is avoided through independently control of zone secondary water temperature in multiple zones.
  • A hybrid ABM and ADF implementation scheme such that the ventilation, temperature and humidity can be independently controlled in the space to maximize the energy saving and IEQ improvement.