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At Air T&D, we provide one stop ACMV solutions using our proprietary next generation air-conditioning system, Active Air Terminal System (AATS). It utilizes a Dedicated Outdoor Air Sub-system (DOAS) to centrally handle the fresh air demand and latent load, while a Local Recirculation Air Sub-system (LRAS) to locally satisfy the sensible load. Compared with widely used ACMV systems, this is a new system integration scheme and its energy efficiency and indoor environment are substantially improved.

In conjunction with such a design idea, we tailor a series of products for hot and humid climate. All these products are reconsidered, redesigned, and re-optimized from conventional ones and essentially evolve.

Air Terminal Units

Applying air natural phenomena such as Thermosiphon, Entrainment, Coanda and Displacement ventilation effects, we have developed a series of most environmental friendly and energy efficient air terminal units, including: Passive Thermosiphon Beams (PTB), Active Thermosiphon Beams (ATB), Passive Chilled Beams (PCB) and Active Chilled Beams (ACB). We also offer low cost and high performance Fan Coil Units and Diffusers.
  PTBATB         ACB              FCU          Grill&Diffuser

                   PTB/ATB                                                   ACB                                                    FCU                                     Grill & Diffuser

Air Treatment System

Through the breakthrough on the technologies, we developed the most energy efficient of Liquid Desiccant Dehumidification and Liquid Desiccant Air-Conditioning systems which can achieve up to 30% to 50% energy savings when applied to commercial and residential ACMV systems. We have also developed the Energy Recovery Ventilator for tropic climate with total energy recovery rate of 70%. We also offer full range Air Handling Units.

LDDS                ERV                    AHU

                        LDDS                                                      ERV                                                                        AHU

Air Flow Regulators

Based on the internet of things infrastructure and the artificial intelligence concepts, we developed a series of Air Flow Regulators which integrate the air flow measurement and regulation into one unit. The regulators can automatically compensate the interactions from other branches to keep air flow rate at the desired value. They can be used for dynamic balancing of the air flow rate either based on the air quality sensors or scheduling with accuracy up to 5%.

Smart Damper Balancer                                         Smart Damper System

    Smart Damper Balancer                                                         Smart Damper System

Control System

We offer a series of low cost and reliable controllers for ACMV systems applications. We also provide an Integrated Intelligent Building Management System (I2BMS) with the features of monitoring, energy analysis and trending, energy management, controller auto-tuning, system optimization, fault detection and diagnostic for overall control of building ACMV systems.

Control Board                   BSTAR

            Control Boards                                                        BSTAR