The Founder

Dr. Wenjian Cai has more than twenty years of industry and research experience in systems engineering including: system modeling, control and optimization, control applications in building HVAC and environmental processes. He participated in many industrial and application oriented research projects, published more than 130 refereed research papers, three books and granted two patents. Due to his significant contributions in the energy and environmental fields, he received three national awards from Singapore government. He has demonstrated exceptional research leadership and made substantial contributions in this field of research, which have risen to international prominence.

Among many contributions, He initiated the first pioneer research work on the model based dynamic optimization for HVAC processes to bridge the gap between regulatory control and energy management functions, and developed a world first integrated “Energy Management, Optimization and Control System (EMOCS)” that work with existing sensors, actuators, Building Automation Systems (BAS) and Energy Management Systems (EMS) to provide total energy and indoor air quality control and optimization. The developed system has been tested on a pilot HVAC plant and with an EMS in the Process Instrumentation Lab at NTU. Experiment results shown that over 12% energy saving on top and above of that achieved with the current EMS.