Subur Tiasa BhD visiting Thermal Lab


Subur Tiasa BhD Malaysia comes to visit our Thermal Lab on 30 April, 2015. Air T&D Pte. Ltd. focuses on providing energy efficiency air treatment solution. With several years’ effort, we establish our R&D Center and a research team with strong R&D capability.

Our thermal lab can be configured to represent real life situations such as hotel rooms, office spaces, class room etc. It will feature as a state of the art high-tech laboratory. The laboratory will have the capabilities of performing tests on various indoor climate conditions, enabling optimum room humidity and temperature control. The thermal laboratory will be constructed similar to a cold room, with sufficient thermal and sound insulation. ACMV systems are expected to be tested to meet the highest quality of comfort, control accuracy and energy efficiency. It is the first thermal laboratory in Singapore.

Our team introduce our R&D Center especially Thermal Lab to Subur Tiasa BhD Malaysia and shows our new series of products.