Welcome to Air T&D!

Air T&D Pte Ltd (ATD) is incorporated in Singapore in March 2014. We focus on research of Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV). The founding team of Air T&D Pte Ltd hails from the Green Cooling and Air-Conditioning Technologies (GCAT), which is a part of Nanyang Technological University, School of Electrical Electronics Engineering.

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Our Services

  • Condensation Avoidance

    Condensation occurs when the surface temperature of the cooling coils is lower than the indoor air dew point temperature which results in water dripping into the occupied zone. READ MORE >>

  • System Design

    Without a valid system design and energy saving verification procedure including reliable design data, systematic selection guide, and calibrated simulation models, it is very difficult for the engineers to apply AAT technology in different climate conditions. READ MORE >>

  • System Control & Management

    Conventional ABM and ADF are basically plug and play devices with simple on-off control strategies for both primary air and secondary water systems. READ MORE >>

  • Procurement

    We have a long- partnership manufacture and provide high quality products basing on our design, Meanwhile we can customize your products according to your requirement. READ MORE >>